Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

Please keep pets out of way of hunters

With fall shotgun turkey season having opened October 25, I thought I would have some great news to share with you — like I had taken a nice long beard — but that is not the case.

Although I hunted nearly all day on opening day, the Great Spirit of Harvest failed to smile on me. Just after I set out my decoys, here came two danged dogs. Why can’t people keep their misery to themselves rather than let them bother the rest of the world?

I had the safety off, but they left after I gave them a shout to do so. Then people wonder, “Why did someone shoot my dog?” People, please keep your pets put up. It cost me good money to lease that farm for hunting, and I won’t be putting up with things like that. And neither should any other hunter.

I never saw another living thing except two fox squirrels the rest of the day while I was in the woods. I hunted from before daylight until time for the turkeys to roost. It was a lot like my recent North Carolina black bear hunt.

The worst part of this weekend hunt was that I lost use of my right eye. I hope it is not anything that can’t be fixed. Oh well, I would think they could do something to fix it, and I still have my left one. I didn’t get a chance to hunt the second day of fall shotgun season, but it is open all week.

Closing on a really sad note this week, I was informed on Sunday morning that Casey Begley, daughter of my friends Barbara and Thurman Begley Jr. of Millstone, has gone to be with her Jesus. My heart goes out to the family. Casey was a senior at Letcher Central High School and was this year’s homecoming queen. She will be missed!

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