Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

Deer season opens in earest Saturday

The first snow has fallen and the weather has already been at the freezing mark. In my opinion, winter started the first day of November 2014.

Deer season opens in earnest on Saturday (November 8). Be careful and remember bullets have no eyes. Wear your hunter’s orange and make sure of your target.

For some of us, deer season is already over. Take for example Michael and Melinda Cook’s son, Austin Cook. He put his buck, a nice eight-pointer, away on the opening day of youth season. Austin has already, at the ripe old age of 11 years old, killed two nice bucks, one last year during bow season and one this year. Austin is a bow hunter in the truest form. He is a Matthews bow hunter. They are rumored to be the best bow built, and with the way Austin is killing bucks I am not going to question that.

When I lived at Dry Fork, Austin was just a little thing who liked to hang with his Papaw, Daniel Cook. Daniel is the kind of neighbor people like to live around, and he lived almost right across the road from me. Austin killed both of his bucks on his Papaw’s property. Austin is a student at Cowan School, and after some of his friends read this they will be spending more time with him in hopes of going hunting.

As everyone knows, Austin and kids like him are the future of the hunting heritage we older people enjoy so much. My generation is leaving this journey we call life fast, and it is up to people like Michael and Melinda and Daniel, to get our youth to carry on.

A tip of my hat to you, Austin, and everyone please be careful during deer season.

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