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Struttin’ Time:

Taylor Lynn Collier bags a buck with bow

I have been told it is never too early to panic. My 2014 modern firearms dear season in Kentucky is about to show me why people taught me that saying. After two days of hunting on my rented farm, I haven’t seen a one deer. Before the season began, seeing a deer was an everyday thing, but now nothing.

The main reason I love doing Struttin’ Time is that I get to share your stories with all our friends the way you tell them to me. So let’s talk about my little young friend, Taylor Lynn Collier, twin to my buddy Tanner Collier. Taylor makes me proud to have known her since birth. She is a topnotch hunter. She is no longer in high school, so, although I know never to ask a woman’s age, I guess her to be about 19 years old. Her favorite hunting buddy is another friend of mine, Trevor Napier. Taylor calls him her partner in crime when it comes to hunting.

Taylor was having fits with the bow she used to use (brand name not used in this story) but Trevor got her hooked up with a new Bear Bow, which in my world is the only bow. Although many people will tell me I am nuts, I still use a Bear One when I bow hunt.

Well this was Taylor’s second year and the deer had the upper hand, but the new Bear changed that and Taylor bagged a nice big 9-point buck. Trevor used several different calls to bring it into range, a total of 10 yards. Taylor’s exact words to me were, “I never had a feeling come over me like the one when Trevor called that big buck within 10 yards of me. Without Trevor it never would have happened.”

Well Taylor, let’s give you a lot of credit, too. You flung the arrow.

We need many more youth like Taylor and Trevor to put down their cell phones, shut off their computers, and get out and enjoy what Mother Nature can provide.

A tip of my hat to the both of you! I may need to get Travor to call one up for me as well.

On another note, I talked with my cousin Robert Wagner on the phone. He seems to be doing well, and I am hopeful that he will come and stay a few days with us. Cuz told me he is now 76 years old. Wow, where have the years gone?

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