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‘Deer hunter’ Brewer feels defeated

This modern gun season has come and gone, and I am a defeated hunter.

Although I have told everybody many times that I am not a deer hunter, I do harvest a deer almost every year. This year I couldn’t seal the deal.

I thought I had done everything just like I was supposed to do it, but I failed to connect. Going into the season I voiced concern to my hunting buddies that almost every picture captured on my trail cam was a night picture, I still had high hopes. But after hunting almost everyday from daylight to dark, the deer never came out and stayed with their nighttime habits.

As my hunting friends sent me their pictures with their big bucks, my hope never wavered. But this year it was just not meant to be.

I want to take this time to “tip my hat” to all you hunters who brought home the meat and — from many of the pictures you sent me — trophies as well. I was told as a kid growing up in McRoberts there would always be days like these, and these are some of them. Although my Texas hunt worked out, my Kentucky hunt just didn’t and there is nothing I can say or do to change that.

I will do some black powder hunting and some more archery, but I would have liked to have closed the door during modern gun season.

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