Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

Youngsters are bringing fun to hunting

First things first. A tip of my hat to Destiny Sturgill, granddaughter of my friend Raymond “Pap” Brown of Dry Fork. The years are slipping by, but I think Destiny is a senior at Letcher Central High School. She sent me a picture of a buck she got during modern firearm season. It was a monster.

Next, a tip of my hat also to Preston Hammond, an eight-yearold from Mayking who also got a super-sized buck. They reached the top of the mountain this season by getting monster bucks, while I failed. Maybe they read some of Struttin’ Time’s tips or maybe they just hung with it while I gave up. The answer may never be brought to life!

After I saw their pictures I wanted to take down all my trophies and burn them, along with the pictures I have had taken over the years. Then it dawned on me — all they did was, besides killing nice bucks, have fun. They got outside, enjoyed nature, laughed with their hunting buddies, saw what nature has for them, and left the computers, cell phones, and the video games behind. Isn’t that what we have tried to do for years? Get the youth involved in hunting, so that our sport will carry far beyond our lifetime.

I was in a state of depression when I realized there would be no buck from the Commonwealth of Kentucky this year, but as I pondered on what our true mission is, I was happy that these young people are listening to us. They are enjoying life to the fullest. And that, my friends, is what hunting is all about.

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