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Struttin’ Time:

Saying so long until early next year

As we look back at our hunts together this year, we realize it has been another wonderful year of hunting.

We traveled together to Texas, where we took a nice deer in anybody’s book along with a big wild boar that I am still eating on. We turkey hunted in North Carolina, with the Rosebud Indians in South Dakota, and in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, bagging four nice long beards. We hunted wild boar in February, in Ohio, and again in April, making memories as we went.

Three wild boars, four wild turkeys, and a 12-point buck should be a good year for anyone, but we had some failures. We failed to get any kind of deer in Kentucky, and in North Carolina, we failed during turkey and black bear season.

As we all know, we didn’t take the Florida, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming parts of our hunt this year. I tell you, your old friend here is just not able to go like I used too. Some of our friends crossed the “Silent River” this year, although not as many as we have had in the past.

I was amazed when we had some of our readers sending me stories about their little hunters getting big deer while I was just killing time, but then the true meaning of what hunting is all about soaked into my feeble mind and I recovered. Hunting is about putting meat on the table, that is for sure, but the deeper meaning is getting to spend time together in the great outdoors. Hunting is about putting smiles on kids’ faces as they take their first trophy, be it a one-pound squirrel or a 100-pound deer.

I want to thank you readers of Struttin’ Time, my longtime friend Ben Gish and the staff at The Mountain Eagle for printing us, and thank you to everyone who takes time to send me their stories. I have a trip planned to deer hunt Ohio, starting December 2, but you won’t have the results until next year as we will say, see ya’ll next year.

Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. May the Great Spirit of Life walk with you on this journey, on the True Path!

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