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Ammunition for wild turkey season

With each nice day we have here in January it reminds me, hunting season gets that much closer.

Last week we talked about getting things ready for our spring turkey season, but I got several replies that not one time did I mention ammunition. I either forgot, or better yet, I thought for sure we all know to have our shells in our packs.

I was asked what size shot I use. I am a 3-inch, 5-shot, 1175 FPS, 2-load charge, Kent man myself. Before you run out and try to find these shells, be forewarned, they are hard to find and not very expensive, so they sell fast.

Remember this please, just because that is what my shotgun, a 9200 Mossberg, which has been out of production, for years, likes, your turkey gun may like a 6-shot, or 4-shot shell. All brand name shotgun shells will work just fine.

I try and discourage the use of 3½-inch shells, even in guns made for them. The recoil is too much, the cost too high, and the 3-inch shell works just fine.

When I started turkey hunting in the early ‘80s, we had a 2¾-inch shell that was a magnum that worked fine, but I haven’t seen them in years.

The Kent cartridge is made in Kearneysville, W.Va, so I trust a small, local business more so than these big companies.

You need to find our what your gun shoots best, so take a day before season and shoot a few shells and find out. It pays off when you are looking down your sight with a big longbeard looking back at you.

I will tell you this, which may help you about what to carry in your backpack, I always have three shells in my shotgun, and the other seven from the box in my pack. Again, remember, better to have something and not need it than not have it and need it.

Till next week, start your planning now for our hunts.

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