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Struttin’ Time:

Wild turkey season grows nearer

I really believe you could put me in a cave with just a computer, and I could tell it is close to turkey season.

My friends start sending me updated reports about turkey movement. I got pictures from Candice Fleming this week of turkeys feeding in her yard, a message from my lifelong friend Ricky Adams about hearing hens, and a short gobble.

Pictures from the first place we will hunt this year, Watermelon Pond Plantation, in Archer, Fla., from my outfitter, Ms. Kate, and pictures from my outfitters in Kansas, Tom and Vonda Palmer. You and I will be there in the first of April.

I am excited right now because I have been invited to my outfitter friends’ ranch in Ohio to hunt wild boar and will be leaving to go there as soon as the weather breaks some. Friends are priceless, and Dan and Nina Carte of Double D Ranch, treat me like a rock star!!!

The thing I like about my upcoming wild boar hunt with them, other than getting there and back, it will all be free with an open door as to how many boars I can kill. You can’t beat that anywhere. Of course, I will try and leave some seed.

Again, I would like to say because of people like ya’ll, I live a life bigger than a dream.

Before turkey season, I promise we will go over the list again of what we need to do to ready ourselves to ensure a great season.

I need to say thank you to each and every one that sends me updates, gifts, and who puts up with the foolish things we do in Struttin’ Time.

I will be trying to hunt with the “Hog Dawgs” when we get to Florida next month. If you don’t have a clue as to who they are, please go to their web page “Hog Dawgs” and check them out.

It is going to be an exciting year for us, so buy a Mountain Eagle, get your favorite drink, sit down and hold on. Struttin’ Time will blow your doors off when we hit the road.

I will keep you in the loop on our boar hunt, upcoming in a day or so.

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