Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

Here’s hoping the boar hunt is still on

Well, last week we talked about going on a quick wild boar hunt with one of my outfitting friends, Dan Carte. We were waiting on the weather to clear; we are still waiting.

Last Thursday was the coldest night I have ever lived through. The coldest before then had been minus 14 degrees on a mule deer hunt in Wyoming. Last Thursday it was minus 20. Wow, that is cold, and it was everywhere in Kentucky. Some places were even colder than that.

Coupled with a 14-inch snow that fell during the week, we never hunted anywhere, and it doesn’t look much better this weekend.

I don’t want to miss this hunt because it is a free hunt except the money I will be out getting there.

As I read Greg “Gabby” Caudill last week, I noticed he was talking about getting your gear ready, the same thing I told ya’ll for the past few weeks. Just because you put your turkey call somewhere at the end of last season, doesn’t mean it is still there, so the night before you need to get up at 4 a.m., you are running around trying to find it. Make sure you sand, chalk, clean and put your turkey calls where you know you won’t run off and leave them.

I have already been told about me not mentioning shells, so put those into your vest, along with your Therm A cell, gas and pads to operate it, and your decoys.

Talking about decoys is going to be a full Struttin’ Time before season opens. Have you noticed how expensive they are now? You just about need to sell your firstborn to pay for them. In my almost 70 years of hunting, I have never seen a hunting item rise so fast in price.

If you are using the blow-up decoys, go ahead and blow them up to make sure they still hold air. Nothing is as sad to see one that deflates as an old gobbler is making his way to your call, and it is standing almost on its head and you can’t fix it.

Well, let us hope this storm passes fast, and we can get on with our wild boar hunt. I will keep you in the loop!

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