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State has a ‘sort of’ wild boar season

Well, I’ve been called to task, again!

After our story a couple weeks back asking for a wild boar season, I was informed that Kentucky already has a season that never closes. Let’s look into who is right or wrong, them or us.

While it is true that several western Kentucky counties, 37 to be exact, have huntable populations, they are on private farms. As usual the farmers won’t let hunters on their property to hunt them although they will cry, moan, and fuss that the wild boar are doing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage, to crops, roads and pastures.

Is that an open season? You make the call.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife has hired professional hunters, using helicopters, to shoot the boars at untold cost. It has made it a crime to catch one in a trap, and transport it, and all caught hogs must be killed at the trap site.

Is that hunting or killing, something we talk about all the time? Hunting is not killing, although we hope to put food on our table as an end result.

This is what floored me. The department thinks whatever we are told, we need to believe. The main reason they don’t want a season, they say hogs are smart, and once they smell human hunters, they go nocturnal.

Well, is the department telling me the hogs are smart enough to tell farmers’ scents, who are on their property daily, from hunters’? Doesn’t a farmer have a human smell?

In my thoughts, although hogs can be killed without limit, every day, if you see one coming through the woods, that is not hunting.

Why not spend the money the department wastes trying to keep us from a season to transport them into our beautiful forest to hunt? Problem solved.

I leave it up to you, do we really have a season? In the meantime I think I will go sit in my rocker on my front porch and look for a wild boar.

We are in Florida this week to the wild boar hunt for real, then on to turkey hunt. Wish us luck!

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