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Struttin’ Time

Loss of friends continues to mount

From the head of Tom Biggs Hollow in McRoberts to the head of Linefork, we all have listened to the old song “Life is like a mountain railroad.” But have we really stopped and listened to the song’s meaning?

Last week was a very bad week for me. First Rev. Jack Sparks passed away. He was a fine fellow, but I never hunted nor fished with him, so I have no stories. Major Miller, my friend in Wyoming, left us on Tuesday of last week. I did a Struttin’ Time on him just a while back.

My eyes where already overflowing, then the worse news came later on Nov. 3. My friend, my hero, my hunting buddy, the one person I thought would live forever, Renfrow Baker left this life.

In the 90s, we owned that decade. The Bakers and me. When you saw one you saw us all. My health had started going south, and it seem that everyone has leaving me in groves. Not so the Bakers, with Renfrow at the helm, we were together every day. Robbie or Tim would come and pick me up and take me to their farm near Somerset to hunt and spend time talking.

With my health went my little money I had. Renfrow took care of my needs and, more than not, my wants.

We all remember some firsttime things we did, and Renfrow shared many with me. My first yellow watermelon, I ate with Renfrow, first visit to the Amish, first time I had chicken and dumplings, my favorite food, eight days straight was with Renfrow. We could have made nine easy, but ran out of chickens.

The funniest thing we did was tried to burn those stupid ladybugs in a fire. They stink to high heaven, so don’t try that.

Renfrow was a man that everybody loved, and very few people didn’t know. I ask him one day on the farm during a black powder hunt if he thought it was going to rain, his reply, no. The clouds opened and my powder ran back out my barrel. When I got back to the house, Renfrow smiled and said, “You should have known better than to listen to me.”

Yes, life is like a mountain railroad, with an engineer that’s brave. We must make the run successful from the cradle to the grave. Renfrow made that journey, he never took his hand off the throttle, nor his eye off the rail. Blessed Savior guide and keep him till he reaches the other shore, where the angels wait to join him, and to sing forever more.

I don’t know how many more friends are going on before me, but I pray God leaves at least one to do a Struttin’ Time for me, if it’s just one line.

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