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Our youth are out hunting again

I love parents who take time out for their children, period. For the ones who take their children hunting, I am so proud I feel as though they have won the lottery.

At this time last year we wrote about Rebecca Bailey, who is the hunting buddy of her dad, Randy Bailey. Rebecca had just killed her first turkey, and everyone was on top of the world for her.

This year she is back, and with another turkey story. Rebecca downed a nice long beard while hunting with her dad on opening day of youth season. According to Randy, the turkey was in full strut and came in at 17 pounds,15 ounces, sporting a nine-inch beard but no spurs. Nature is funny and does things like that sometime. Just think how awesome this must be for a young lady to leave behind the comforts of her modern world, walk to the top of a mountain before daylight and carry on the “hunt.”

When I got the word that she had once again gotten her turkey I wanted to shout. With all the hoping and talking about our way of hunting life resting in the hands of our youth, it is good to know we still have parents who take their children to hunt. Great job, Rebecca! And thanks, Randy. Keep up the good work!

Things were just heating up when I read Rebecca’s story. Within five minutes, another youth, Landon Mullins, hunting buddy of his dad Charlie Mullins, reported in. Just like last year he also downed a nice long beard.

The Mullins family and I go back to the days of our youth, so I know Landon has the stock to make a great hunter. Landon, 11, is in the sixth grade at Jenkins. It thrills my heart to write stories of our youth — to write about people like Randy and Charlie, who take time for their children.

I know I will be doing more stories about kids who take to the mountains to carry on our way of life. Here’s a tip of my hat to both Rebecca and Landon. Keep up the good work. Both will get a signed turkey call from me.

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