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Struttin’ Time:

Fishing trips bring surprises

This past week has been a very busy one.

While fishing on Herrington Lake with my daughter, Nema, we happened upon Letcher County Central High School Football Coach Mike Holcomb. It brought back years of memories, as I was friends with Coach James Gose, Coach Buddy Roe, Coach Raymond Isaac, and many more of the coaches from back in the day.

I hope Coach Holcomb, and I can share some stories together. By the way, I found out he is a Struttin’ Time reader.

Last Tuesday, I went with my friends, Dannie and Nina Carte, on a trip to Lake Cumberland fishing for stripers. They are outfitters I hunt with from time to time and own DD Ranch. We all tagged out, and I caught one that was 42 inches long. I probably should have had it mounted, but I already have two animals waiting and taxidermy is not cheap. Now the fish has been eaten and I will just save the picture in my mind.

I understand almost everyone had a great turkey season, so here is a tip of my hat to all. I also came home to Letcher County the other day to visit some old friends. It is always great to see them. I then went back to my home in Estill County, where I was on the river fishing at daybreak on Saturday and got a thrill of a lifetime shortly after daylight. I saw a Bald Eagle! Yep, right here in Estill County.

The eagle soared so beautiful that I had to give a shout out to some other fishermen so they could also see it. Wow! At first I thought I was losing what little mind that I have left, but there it was in all of its glory.

I overheard two men who were there talking about how they would like to kill it so it would not bother their chickens and rabbits. I thought, “These two need to be locked up. They have for sure lost their minds.” Then again, I deal with stupid people all the time.

Well I never caught a fish in four hours of trying, so here we are doing Struttin’ Time. Until next week, have a good one.

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