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Struttin’ Time:

She still might get squirrels for gravy

The years are catching up with me. I tried to go squirrel hunting the other morning but made it much past my truck, as the humidity was so high I was wet with sweat in a matter of minutes.

I have always been the type of man that would never ask anyone to do anything that I would not do. I have been asking the parents of children to take advantage of our spring squirrel season, although it had been a while since I had did so myself. This recent morning brought to mind why I had not been.

Spring squirrel season runs until the June 19. I love to squirrel hunt, and growing up it was our choice of a pastime. Although the flame hasn’t grown dim, this old body has.

In case you do decide to venture into the woods to try and find a bushy tail, be forewarned, they are everywhere. While coming back from a fishing trip I saw a dozen running across the road. Most of them are young ones, born in early spring and just the right kind to make gravy on.

My friend Maxine Bates Quillen of Colson has been trying to get a mess to fix now for three years. She has failed because she has counted on me. Given this week’s cooler weather, she shouldn’t give up on me yet!

Does anyone besides me remember the squirrel breakfast that our longtime friend, squirrel hunter, and Letcher County Court Clerk Charlie Wright use to have back in the day?

The women would cook and us guys would eat and tell tales. Those were fun times.

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