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Going hunting? Don’t forget the kids

Youth deer hunting season ran from October 10 through 11. I haven’t received any stories yet, but if the past is any reflection I soon will.

What I have found is that parents will take their children hunting during the youth season, but when regular season opens they leave them at home. I have asked several parents in the past why they do that, but nobody has ever given me a good answer. I can give you my take on the “why.” It may not be the right reason, but it is as good as I can get.

We all are born with one gene that is alike — the greed gene. Now some of us have genes that make our eyes blue, others brown, our hair blonde or brown. But everyone has a greed gene, some more active than others. Their greed gene pushes them to work and make money well past the age they should have retired and started to enjoy the outdoors or time with their grandchildren.

The greed gene of some will make them give their kid a couple of days to kill a deer, or turkey, and then they hunt days at a time trying to kill the big one. You see, I have hunted with youth before. They get cold, fidgety, and they get bored. It is a trying plan to get them to be quiet all the time while you are waiting for the big boy to walk by. So, it is a much easier task to undertake the goal of killing a monster buck while you hunt by yourself

I know and realize that some parents put their child right in a buddy stand, or ground blind, with them during regular season and still score on a big buck or tom. I would hope when the big one shows the parent would give the child first shot while the greed gene stays asleep.

Yes, we all have that nasty old greed gene, me included, but when it comes to taking a youth during regular season, I would hope mine never rears its ugly head.

Happy hunting, good luck, and think about your greed gene after youth season. And please take your child hunting with you.

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