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Readers say rut is for real this year

I guess I was wrong. After last week’s Struttin’ Time I have received several calls about the rut. Everyone I talked to said the rut was indeed going on, and I must be living on another planet. Oh well, can’t always be right, can we?

I saw several bucks that had been hit by cars along the road, which told me they were chasing the does, but I thought it was happening at night. I never saw one buck chasing a doe in the woods. I’m glad my readers set me straight.

I need to touch on some things that are going on in the county. The Christmas Parade and Christmas in the Park will be held in Whitesburg on Dec. 11 starting at 5 p.m. Miss Kentucky will be our grand marshal for the parade, then she will go to the park to sign autographs. Christmas in the Park promises to be the biggest and best yet.

Then on Dec. 26 will be the youth rabbit hunt, sponsored by Raymond Brown and company. That is a very good event. For more information, contact Raymond at 633-9548.

I think we are still short on fundraising, so please donate. Let me make this simple. If just 4,000 of Struttin’ Time readers donated just $1, we would be $3,000 over our goal. I have some of the best readers in the world, so I know we will reach our goal, but a word to the wise, it won’t get done if you keep depending on somebody else.

Just sit down and send Raymond a dollar each; that can’t cause any pain.

I have yet to kill a deer, but I hope you have. Remember, hunting is enjoying, not just killing, and to that end I am still living a life beyond belief. Take some kid hunting. Remember Christmas in the Park, Dec. 11, and The Little Shepherd Chapter, National Wild Turky Federation youth rabbit hunt on Dec. 26.

Till the next time, give someone a hug and a smile. It may be the only one they get.

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