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Archers had successful bear hunts

I have already gotten several pictures from Struttin’ Time readers who have already filled their deer tags. This means that when the modern firearm season opens Saturday, those readers will be tucked away in their nice warm beds — their deer hunting game over .

Th en there are the rest of us who on November 14 will be sitting on a cold deer stand somewhere on an even colder mountain, all because we didn’t put in the effort necessary to get the job done during archery season.

I understand that archery bear season went better than expected with 20 black bears taken the first day. Ten was the set limit, five of those being females, so double the limit was taken. I don’t have a clue as to what this does to gun season, but will pass along the facts when I get them. I tip my hat to the bear hunters. It looks as though the limit needs to be raised.

As modern firearms season opens, please let us be careful. Bullets have no eyes, and we can’t recall a shot. Remember to make sure of your target, don’t cross any fence or barrier with a loaded gun, make sure of your footing, and if you are hunting from a tree stand, please stay buckled, as falls from tree stands are the number one cause of hunters getting hurt.

Always keep in mind, that hunting any animal is nothing but a non-contact sport with other hunters. I always keep in mind that any game harvested needs to be eaten. Hunters have many programs available for donating wild game to people who would be glad to have the meat. I have given away as many deer as I have kept, so I know it isn’t hard to do.

I realize that youth season has passed, but that shouldn’t make you keep the children at home if they didn’t already meet their quota. Take them with you and offer them the first shot. You will feel better for doing so. All of the deer in the woods aren’t worth someone getting hurt, or worse.

Another thing I like to keep check on is to make sure my gun barrel is clean. I check to make sure no dirt — sometimes even a cleaning rag — is obstructing my shot. Something lodged in your gun’s barrel will for sure cause you heartburn if you didn’t take the time to make sure it was clean.

Let’s go afield this coming weekend to have fun and return home safe to our families with food to put on our tables. Remember, hunting is a sport and we want to make sure it is played by the rules — no trespassing, proper license on hand, and kill only what is legal. Then we all will have a good story to tell next week.

Happy hunting.

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