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Struttin’ Time:

Saying so long until next year

It sure doesn’t feel like it, but another year of Struttin’ Time is history.

We had a blast again this year, as you and I together hunted and fished across the United States. I finished this deer season, without filling my tag. All I killed was time.

I understand archery and black powder seasons will be back around, but for all the right reasons I am finished with hunting until next March when we plan once again to start things out on the Watermelon Pond Plantation in Archer, Florida with my longtime outfitter and friend, Ms. Kate.

There will be no boar hunting with God’s Country Outfitters in San Mateo, Florida in 2016. You and I will travel to Upton, Wyoming to hunt Merriam turkeys with my friends, Carol and Don Ballard, before heading back East with stops in South Dakota to hunt on the Rosebud’s land, then to Nebraska to hunt hybrid turkeys before hunting with Little Creek Outfitters in Kansas for Rio’s with Bill and Sandi Anderson, longtime friends of mine. Of course I hope we travel together by way of Struttin’ Time.

Before we close for this year, I want to take time to thank you for reading and for sending me your stories throughout the year. Thanks also go to The Mountain Eagle for carrying our adventures and to Ben Gish, a lifelong friend of mine, for doing the editing. And thanks for everyone who takes just a few minutes to let their mind take a break from the troubles life can throw at us.

I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving, a merry Christmas, and a happy New Year. Until next year …

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