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Struttin’ Time:

Plans are complete for spring travels

With all my hunting plans in place for 2016, I would like to share them with you.

My season will start March 19 on the Watermelon Pond Plantation in Florida, where we will hunt with Ms. Kate and her crew. I love hunting with her. She has tons of turkeys and is always ready to help any way she can.

When we tag out in Florida we will return to Kentucky. That usually takes only one day, but that is not written in concrete. There will be no wild boar hunting this year in Florida, although I usually like to hunt them while I am there. The high price has made me quit. Although the ranchers and farmers cry about how much damage wild boars do to their property, I invite you to try and get one to let you hunt for free. It isn’t going to happen. Now they are charging a “trophy fee,” which will run your cost to about $800. So no wild boar hunting this year.

When we do return to Kentucky we will get ready to head on west to Wyoming. There we will hunt Merriam turkeys with my good friends, Carol and Don Ballard of Upton. I haven’t gotten a license yet to hunt in Wyoming — it is a draw state — but I expect I will get two tags. The season opens there April 9.

Then it’s on to Kansas as we hunt our way back to Kentucky. In Kansas we will stay with Tom and Vonda Palmer and hunt on Little Creek Ranch, which is guided by my long time friend, Bill Anderson. Little Creek is located just south of the Nebraska state line, in Lebanon. We will hunt there for Rio’s. Nebraska sells acrossthe counter tags, and mine are in my pocket.

To fill out our western hunt, we will drive the two-hour trip to North Platte, Nebraska to hunt with Closman Outfitters. My tags are already in hand. In Nebraska, we can get Merriam, Rio, or a hybrid mix of wild turkeys.

I hope you will follow along with and enjoy the ride through Struttin’ Time. I want to wish everyone a great spring turkey hunt, no matter where it may be.

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