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Struttin’ Time:

Don’t forget to add your cost for fuel

For the last few weeks we have been talking about the high cost of hunting. Although I may not live to see it, hunting will once again become “The Sport of Kings.” Back in the day, only the rich could hunt and we are headed that way again.

The most overlooked cost of a hunting trip is the price of fuel. I drove to Lexington the other day to be with family. I gassed my truck in Richmond at $1.22 a gallon, stayed in Lexington for three hours, got back to Richmond and the price had gone up to $1.62 a gallon.

It was Sunday; the stock market was closed; yet they still a way to jack the price up. My brother, Rick Brewer, learned a few years ago to add the price of fuel into his long distance hunting trips when he drove a truckload of friends to hunt in Wyoming. He had collected the money from everyone, but never figured in the price of a gallon of gas. He went almost $900 in the red, and when he asked them to help make it up, they told him no way, you told us this amount, we paid you the amount you asked for, we owe you nothing.

Here is the way I figure my fuel bill; it has worked for me for years and should work for you. Whatever you are paying for a gallon of gas, add 15 percent and leave home with a full tank that you didn’t add on to your cost. That first tank full is on you. If you think you are going to use let’s say $500 and you and your buddy are going, take $250 each, put it in the glove box and each time you stop for fuel, use from the money you all have put back until it is used. That way you know each one has put in an equal share. If any money remains, take out enough to fill your truck up when you get home to pay yourself back for the tank full you left with. All remaining money, if any, should be divided between you.

It is hard to figure the price of gas. In Kansas, for example, it is usually 20 cents a gallon cheaper than here. If you are in South Carolina, it’s usually 30 cents so cheaper. Do not go into Florida needing gas; it will cost you about 40 cents more a gallon than here.

If you will do a little math, your fuel bill should be almost on the money. One other thing: always, and I mean always, have your truck serviced before you leave. Then you are not 3,000 miles away from home and in need of an oil change.

Listen to your old friend here and you will have an enjoyable trip.

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