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Can you hunt with a bent barrel?

I got a call from my cousin and friend Robert Wagner, who said last week’s Struttin’ Time brought back memories from his younger days and hunting with his dad, Dave Wagner of Mayking.

I could sit for hours and listen to the old hunting and fishing stories. We learn a lot when we sit and listen to people like Robert, who has lived a good long life. I would go as far to say that Robert, being the good person he is and brought up in a God-fearing home, was taught to honor his mother and father. We just don’t take time much these days to sit at the feet of our elders and learn.

It seems that Dave had taken Robert on a raccoon hunt. Back in those days, most hunters used the same gun for several game animals, and Dave was one of those hunters. Dave and Robert treed a raccoon and finally spotted it using carbide lights, which made spotting them as hard a job as treeing them in those days.

Dave, at best, had at least a shot. After taking careful aim, Dave pulled the trigger. Out came the raccoon, but he was a long way from the frying pan. Dave acted quickly to hit the raccoon with his gun. Dave won, but paid a price. He bent the gun barrel, leaving them with nothing to do put pick up the night’s kill and head home.

Early the next morning Dave asked Robert if he wanted to go squirrel hunting with him, to which Robert replied, “You don’t have a gun.” Dave walked on into the woods with Robert just shaking his head as he stayed behind. Around 11 that morning, Dave strolled back into the yard with a mess of squirrels in his powder bag. Robert was surprised and asked, “How did you do that, Dad, with that bent barrel?” Dave smiled and answered, “Son, that is one reason God made tree forks, to straighten gun barrels.”

Dave has long since crossed “The Silent River,” but the memories he made still linger. Thanks, Cuz, for the story and for giving me an idea.

Anyone who would like to share a story about hunting or fishing, just drop me a line and we will share it with the Struttin’ Time readers. My address is filo@irvineonline.net.

We leave to hunt Osceola turkeys in Florida this week. Wish me luck …

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