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Reuniting with an old hunting buddy

Christmas in the Park will be here before you know it.

The parade will start at 5 o’clock sharp, on December 11 in Whitesburg, and should be one of eastern Kentucky’s finest. The City of Whitesburg and the Letcher County Kids Days Committee have partnered together again to bring this awesome event. Christmas in the Park will follow the parade.

Remember that on December 26, the Little Shepherd Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation will be having its annual youth rabbit hunt. There will be prizes for all the youth that attend, and free food afterward. Contact Raymond Brown at 633-9548 for more information.

I stopped by this week to see an ole friend of mine that I have always held in high regard, Mike Watts. Mike is an avid bird hunter and has always enjoyed helping the kids of our area.

I recall when we were in the process of building one of the many ballfields we built in the ‘80s, Mike drove a dump truck himself, as well as oversaw the job, because he was a driver short. I can’t remember, although I’m many years older than Mike, a time we weren’t friends. He is a quiet, unassuming man, that will go down in my book as a class act.

Mike takes his dogs to Minnesota each year to hunt grouse. We have spent hours together with him showing me pictures of their hunts. When you own bird dogs, there has to be something wrong somewhere, because they are the world’s craziest dogs to hunt with. Mike has endured, even raising his own pups from time to time.

As this old broke down mountain man walked into his office this week, the same smile, I have seen for a lifetime crossed his face. As his hand reached out to shake mine, the first words from his lips were, “How are you doing?”, in reference to my last Struttin’ Time, where I told ya’ll I was beyond going.

It’s nice to get to write a story about an ole hunting buddy, while he is still alive.

Although I didn’t ask, I’m sure Mike will be helping Raymond on December 26 with the youth hunt. Mike told me the first thing he reads, even before the headlines, is Struttin’ Time. I am proud to call Mike my friend.

As hunting season winds down, let’s remember hunting is about the experience, not the kill. It’s about spending time in God’s great outdoors with our daughters, sons, and friends. It’s about taking a picture in our mind’s eye, and saving the negative forever. We have had no reportable accidents this hunting season. Here at the end, let’s keep it th at way.

Let this writer take this time to thank all the readers who make Struttin’ Time a way to escape from this journey we call life, if ever so fleeting. Merry Christmas to all.

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