Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

We were 1,600 miles away from home

The sun broke on April 6 as we pulled from my driveway, heading for a two-week turkey hunt in the states of Wyoming, then to Kansas, and finally to the finish in Nebraska. This week you will read about Wyoming.

From my house to Upton, Wyoming is a total of 1,600 miles, one way. If you ever get the chance to hunt Wyoming, please do, as it is worth the trip to see what a “wild west” place it still is after all these years.

We drove to the Illinois-Iowa state line and stopped for the first time overnight. We drove around 600 miles, all of which was Interstate highway. The next morning we got as far as Rapid City, South Dakota, home of the Sioux Indian nation. The third day we pulled into Sundance, Wyoming, to our hunting lodge.

If you ever watched “Sling Blade” the movie, well “Carl” was riding with me. I now understand how the people from our area got such a bad reputation, but you would have had to be in the cab of my truck to understand.

Whatever was in my mind to make me go on a trip across the country with someone that had never been outside of Kentucky? But we live and learn.

The hunt started as soon as we arrived, although we could not kill anything until the following day. After the outfitter took us around to get the feel of the land, we returned to the lodge, where we were fed the choice of steak tips, which were melt in your mouth good (I have never had better), or hamburgers, which my hunting buddy took. He come 1,600 miles to eat a hamburger, wow!

Next week we will look into the details of the hunt. I hope you readers missed reading Struttin’ Time as much as I missed you. See you next week.

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