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Struttin’ Time:

‘Carl’ won’t be along for next trip

The weather has forced Carl and myself to go deep into the last day of the hunt, hunting in North Platte, Neb., with Closman Outfitters.

Tom King, our guide, had done everything right, except letting Carl kill a Jake on the first morning of the hunt. We had endured everything bad that Mother Nature could have thrown at us — high winds, cold rain, and mud up to our knees. We would start our last evening with Carl, a hybrid Jake, and me, a two-year hybrid, in our bags.

We arrived in the woods about two that last evening. I had patterned the turkeys from the morning before and the last morning, so I knew where I was getting, and the blind had no place in my plans.

Tom King took Carl, and got in a blind about a quarter mile from me. I took my saw and cut some limbs from a cedar tree, where I had seen the turkeys pass by that morning. I would be in a wind break as well as out of the rain, thanks to the cedar.

Around dark, I noticed the hens come strolling by. I knew they didn’t have a clue I was there. I hadn’t made one call since I had gotten into the natural blind at 2:30. I was pulling an old fashioned ambush.

Next came the Jakes. I knew the long beards would follow, heading toward their roost.

The first gobbler came into view. I put my sights on his waddles, and waited till he was in the clear, game over. A nice two year old with a nine-inch beard and regular two-year-old spurs. Another hybrid has just bit the dust.

It seems that Tom and Carl had watched the whole thing as it unfolded, and they just headed on over to me. Carl said to Tom, “I told you he wouldn’t kill a Jake, I told you.”

With night setting in, we left the ranch and headed back into the lodge, our western states hunt over. The total was Carl, four turkeys, three of which were Jakes, me four turkeys, two three year olds, and two that were two years old.

I always enjoy hunting with my friends out west, and overall it was a good trip.

I will be going to Jackman, Maine, on September 17 black bear hunting. Carl, he will be sitting home. If he likes killing Jakes, just think what he would do with a cub.

I hope you enjoyed our trip out west. You are welcome to go along with me as we head to Maine.

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