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Struttin’ Time

Plenty of good stories will appear here

Well, I can tell another year has come and gone, although a few days remain on the old calendar. The Kids Days events are over, and as anyone on that committee can attest, we work by events, not what the calendar says.

The Christmas Parade and Christmas in the Park were huge successes and a testament to the hard work from the committee, but more important are the people who come out and support these events.

I would like to remind everyone that turkey season with a firearm ended on December 11, but will remain open to archery until January 31. Deer season with a muzzleloader opened on December 12 and runs all week.

We have many interesting stories to write about in the upcoming weeks in Struttin’ Time, so please stay tune. We will be answering questions, such as what is a piebold deer. One of my best lifelong friends, Rob “Cigar” Fleming of Hemphill, ask me to tackle that one. We will be writing about a couple young fellows from Neon that scored big this deer season. And we will take a trip down memory lane with the coolest ole man that I know, Bill Blair of Hemphill.

I want to remind everyone about the youth rabbit hunt to be held on December 26. There will be lots of cool prizes given away, and fun for everyone. Contact Raymond Brown at 633-9548 to get more information.

I am trying to make my deadline this week, so I figured a little Struttin’ Time is better than no Struttin’ Time. I would not be able to close this week without this story. At Christmas in the Park, a little boy got on Santa’s lap to tell him what he wanted for Christmas. This lad was dressed in total camo. Santa ask all the usual questions, then made mention of his camo. The mother said he was an avid hunter, and that he would be going on the youth rabbit hunt. The next words from her mouth brought a chuckle from Santa. The mother said, I learned of the hunt from Steve Brewer. He writes Struttin’ Time for The Mountain Eagle
and I love it.

That is one thing I never miss, and I hope to get to meet him at the hunt. He always makes my day brighter. Do ya’ll think we should tell her?

Till next time, hunt safe and thanks for reading.

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