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Struttin’ Time:

A world seemingly gone crazy

Have you ever had a complete change of heart and mind over something you were going to do or say? This is one of those times.

I sat down to write about trying to take a fishing trip with my friends, Dan and Nina Carte, owners of the DD Ranch in McArthur, Ohio. We have been friends for many years and spend time together as life lets us. We have been trying to go on another fishing trip since October of last year, but things just keep happening that stops that from happening.

We made it to Russell Springs to fish with Morgan’s Guide Service last week, but we had almost six inches of rain the night before and got rained out.

As regular readers of Struttin’ Time over the years, you know we are a lot to do about a lot of nothing. We have fun, talking about friendships and travel, and we laugh when we have that fun. We also cry when someone we know is taken by The Great Spirit of Life across the Silent River.

Writing this column is like when my lifelong friends such as Dee Taylor, Maxine Quillen, Johnny Holbrook, Raymond Brown, Bill Blair or a host of others just sit down and have a cup of coffee together. I have loved every sip, every word that has been written, every minute we have spent together. That is what I wanted to write about — something upbeat, something we could enjoy together, but I had a complete change of heart.

For once in this journey we call life, I don’t have a clue as to what is going on after watching people get shot and killed live on television by policemen and seeing our cops — which is short for Champions Of People — getting ambushed by a mad man. I am left without a clue after watching as drivers hit some people walking and never stop, watching as mothers and dads kill their infant babies just because the baby is crying, watching as a young, hard working couple with ties to Letcher County visit their property in Springfield, Ky., and never return to the home where they live in northern Kentucky because some man got behind on rent by several months apparently shot them both.

Great Spirit of Life, I ask you to please give us comfort and peace. Take control of a world gone crazy. We need to heal, so you and I can get back to doing a regular Struttin’ Time — one that means nothing and is about nothing other than just a bunch of friends drinking coffee together.

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