Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

A trip back home to McRoberts

I took a memory to lunch this past weekend. Well actually it was several memories, as I was invited to do some “MC” work at the McRoberts Reunion.

I was greeted by some lifelong friends, Bear Tackett, Jimmy Hall, Johnny Holmes, Judy Gibson, and of course Gaye Sword Thompson, my sister growing up. McRoberts was a special place. Gone are the mines, the schools, the swimming pool, the swimming hole, the railroad and the trains, and of course the baseball field.

Although I am sure McRoberts is still special to many people, they can’t know how it was then unless they lived it. We never had a fear. The only thing that kept someone from walking into your house back then was common sense and an unlocked screen door. Let them try that today.

As I stepped onto the grass where as a child I played many ballgames, I could feel my whole body, mind, and spirit return to my youth. I felt the tears fill my eyes as I got a small look at my past there. In my mind I was on the McRoberts Cardinals baseball team again, and I could swear some of my teammates who played with me but have crossed the Silent River were there, too, telling me, “Come on, it is time to get this game started.”

I looked around to see the grey hair, the eyeglasses, the wheelchairs, and of course the age — not only on my friends, but me.

It was then that I realized once again that as I journey through life I have had a good trip, and it started in McRoberts, Kentucky.

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