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Struttin’ Time:

Ohio ranch almost like a safari

As longtime Struttin’ Time readers know, I never take a penny from anyone to sponsor our hunts. As I have told every reader before, if I did that it would become more like a job, something we had to do instead of a fun thing we do just because.

This edition of Struttin’ Time is the same as all the rest, written because I wanted to write it, not because it is a paid endorsement.

Many years ago, I met two outfitters in Ohio and have become best of friends with them. They are the owners of Double D Ranch in McArthur, Ohio, Dannie and Nina Carte. Their sprawling ranch and hunting operation is nestled in the heart of Southern Ohio’s spectacular alpine wilderness and is among the nation’s finest hunting facilities. They are foremost for trophy hunts, and you will never beat their prices.

The Double D Ranch offers serious hunters an opportunity to challenge their ruggedness and outdoorsmanship to achieve SCI and ROE record breaking game trophies. Ram, deer, antelope, sheep, wild boar, goat, and elk are available year round. Other species are available on request. Sporting comfortable accommodations right in the hunting area itself, Double D provides the best trophy available, at a fraction of the cost of a safari. What’s more there are no trophy fees, no guide fees, free skinning, free quartering of meat, free field dressing, a walk-in cooler and attentive personal service for every aspect of your stay.

There are several different methods of hunting — ground stand, tree stand, or still or stalk. So whether you’re using a rifle, bow, handgun or muzzleloader, you are practically assured of taking home “the big prize.”

This weekend, beginning August 19, Dan and Nina will be hosting their annual Big Hunt Bash. There is free food, a live band, and much fun. Prices will be cut to the bone. Join me, as I travel there this weekend for a great hunt, and fun and friendship. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Call Dan today at 740-596- 4711. I hope to see you there.

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