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Boy, 6, takes limit of squirrels

Are these summers getting hotter or am I just getting older?

I haven’t been into the woods yet to squirrel hunt even though the third Saturday in August has come and gone.

As a youth I could hardly wait for opening day. I knew my dad and Mr. Sword, along with about a dozen Flemings from Jackhorn, would be heading to Pulaski County to scout for the Labor Day hunting, fishing and camping trip. We would bring back two coolers’ full of squirrels and another one of fish caught in the Rockcastle River.

The third Saturday has, except for a couple years in the late 70’s, always been opening day of squirrel season. I am always stressing everyone to take a child hunting. Asking you to do it in this heat is much easier than me doing it, as the years and miles have taken their toll on me.

I have a couple friends in Lee County, Charles and Maggie Griffith, who are two of my favorite people. Charles lets me hunt on their farm, and I have taken some nice long beards there. Charles loves to deer hunt although he is also a turkey hunter. His lovely wife Maggie is also a hunter. But this story is about my little buddy, Jayden, their son.

First time I met Jayden he was moving into their new house. He was excited to say the least. Jayden is six years old and is a student at Lee County Grade School.

Charles and Maggie braved up on Saturday and headed into the woods with him for his first squirrel hunt. I am always proud of not only parents, but also children who hunt. They spend quality time together away from all the distractions of cell phones, video games, and computers.

Jayden, although it was a very hot day, found what I would guess was a tree the squirrels were cutting, and before 11 a.m. had killed his limit. Now that is what I call getting it done.

I am proud of Jayden, and of course his parents. Jayden is on his way to becoming a real hunter. And remember Jayden, fall turkey and deer season will be here soon. A tip of my hat to you Jayden. And thanks to my friends, Charles and Maggie, for taking him squirrel hunting.

See ya’ll soon.

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