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Struttin’ Time:

One final bear hunt to Maine

For the first time in recent memory, I was just too depressed to compose a Struttin’ Time column for last week’s paper. Within a week a boatload of my friends were carried across the Silent River. I know my name will be called soon; I just don’t know when. But with friends leaving us the way they did in the last two weeks, who could be left?

Along with that sad news, I have an important announcement to make, so read this carefully, please. On September 17, you and I will be leaving on our last black bear hunt to Maine. While buying my license, I noticed it has been since 2008 since you and I hunted there — much too long. We hunted the same dates as this hunt, September 19 through 23.

Does any one of our readers realize just how far away Maine is? From my house to where we will be hunting is 1,640 miles, one way. The days of flying into Portland, Maine and renting a truck to finish the trip are just a far away memory. Gone are the good ole days when we could hop an airplane, hunting equipment in toll, along with your firearm, and expect to get there on time, with everything, and back with your quarry. Now it is driving for two days, with two drivers, just to make the trip.

We will be hunting with Cathy and Frank Lawler of Pine Grove Guide Service in Jackman, Maine, eight miles from the Canada border. I am getting too old with too many miles on this old body, so as sad as it is this trip to Maine is our last and the end of an era.

It has sure been a fun journey, but even an anvil will wear out. And although I have always thought of myself as tough as nails, I am starting to bend.

I will be writing the next few Struttin’ Time columns about our final Maine trip, so stay tuned.

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