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Struttin’ Time:

So long to bear hunting in Maine

A sad but foreseen time has arrived. Our final black bear hunt to Maine is now in the record books, with a nice black bear to fill our table for months to come.

You loyal Struttin’ Time readers and I loaded the truck and left on time the morning of Saturday, September 17 to make our 3,500-mile round trip to hunt black bear on September 19, and if need be all week.

It was a great morning as we traveled the beautiful states of West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Two things made us know we were in Maryland — the garbage-free highways and the large number of state police on the roads. In Pennsylvania, the roads were also litter-free, but we weren’t able to understand one word they said. On the other hand, they couldn’t understand us either, so we are even.

We stayed our first night in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I never will know if we paid the right amount or not to stay there. The motel clerk seemed happy, and I was tickled to death to find a room. As we left the motel early on Sunday morning I was thankful that we had traveled that far without one glitch.

Later, as we crossed into the Maine, I had a feeling all was well with the world. We arrived at Cozy Cove Lodge, just a few miles short of the Canadian border around 5:30 p.m. and were met by our host and also our guides, Frank and Cathy Lawler. They brought with them two big homemade pies, which is tradition there, one blackberry the other blueberry. Both were as round as a steering wheel on a truck and two inches thick. What pies!

Think about this: eight million acres of land to hunt on, nobody telling you to leave, no nasty “Keep Out” signs, no “No Hunting” or “No Trespassing” signs; just come on in and enjoy. That is Maine and its people, and they make you feel like a brother.

Now we can’t understand one word they say either, but over the years I have learned to just smile, nod your head and go on.

Next week we will get into the actual hunt. Until then, just know we had fun.

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