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Struttin’ Time:

Four-year-old hunts like he’s 30

This is one cool story about a four-year-old who acts and hunts like a 30-year-old man.

His name is Levi Noe, and he is the great-grandson of my lifelong friend, Yvonne Bentley of Jackhorn. She and I have been friends since high school. He is also the grandson of Yvonne’s daughter, Tara Johnson, of Jackhorn, and David Osborne of Pound, Va., and Wilbert and Melda Noe, of Shepherdsville. His parents are Adam and Amber Noe of Coxs Creek.

Now is everything as clear as mud when it comes to knowing him.

His dad and mother are both outdoor types, so it just comes naturally to Levi. By age three, he started begging to go hunting. He must have been a Struttin’ Time reader. But his parents never thought he would stay quiet enough to hunt, so his first big hunt was delayed till he was four.

Adam put up a blind, and then told Levi he could go hunting for Youth Days. Levi was raring to go come opening day. For days he asked, “Is it time to go yet?” He started counting down the days on his little fingers, waiting for the big day.

On Friday, the day before Youth Season opened, they loaded up and headed to Grayson County to hunt the family farm.

Amber was somewhat concerned. Levi is not a morning-type kid. On the morning of the hunt, Adam called his name just once, Levi was on the floor, ready to go. He had never gotten out of bed like that to go to pre-school.

He did great in the blind, but as any hunter knows, hunting is just that, hunting, not killing. Levi learned a valuable lesson in life, things don’t always go as planned.

On Monday morning, Levi was right back to the old grind, and he wasn’t studying pre-school. The bed had too much of a draw, and Levi just couldn’t answer the bell.

Thanks to everyone for sharing this story with all the Struttin’ Time readers. Levi, a tip of my hat to you, young man. Keep it up; you can replace me someday.

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