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Struttin’ Time:

Columnist says good-bye for now

What a sad day it is for me. This is our last Struttin’ Time of 2016, and although we will say goodbye for a while, keep in mind hunting season in Florida will open again in mid-March. You and I are planning on being there.

The waning days of all our seasons are near. Black bear season will open on December 10 for firearms, same date for muzzle loader, for deer, turkey season with a crossbow is in until December 31, and of course squirrel is in until February 28, and rabbit till January 31.

I had planned to come into home to black bear hunt on the 10th, but when I returned from my hunt to North Carolina a few days ago, I was notified I had been selected to hunt fall turkey at the Bluegrass Army Depot.

I got an interesting call this week, asking me why I had never been asked to do a television show, and why I didn’t do more hunts and film them. The answer to all the questions is easy. I never take a penny toward my hunts, no sponsors in other words. There are many people who do this for a living, so they try to find sponsors to put them on television and then keep them on there. You and I do it for fun.

And the last part, about filming a hunt. Have you ever watched a hunting show? The hunter asks, “You got him?” The cameraman says, “Not yet, don’t shoot”, although the hunter has a perfect shot, then the animal just walks away.

Well, when you are filming that is what happens, but when I get an open ethical shot, I take it. I am not worried about a cameraman.

We have had several hunting brothers cross “The Silent River” in 2016, too many to name, but please take a minute to remember. Someday we will all hunt together again. As our most precious of times get nearer, let us take time to remember, Jesus, the Christ Child as He was born.

Let us also take time to get involved in helping those in need. The Tree of Hope, the Salvation Army, and St. Jude’s Hospital are some great causes to help with. Take time for our family, friends, and time to reflect, where we have been, and where we are going.

Some of our Struttin’ Time readers, who are reading this one, may not be here to read the next Struttin’ Time, this writer included. I want to thank all involved in doing Struttin’ Time, my lifelong friend Ben Gish, and everyone at The Mountain Eagle, who edits, and prints these stories, and of course you, the Struttin’ Time readers, who buy the papers and keep us going.

Love to all of you. I am Steve Brewer, signing off till 2017.

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