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He knows where the big bucks are

Anthony Jent, a student at Letcher County Central High School, is pictured with a nice 9-point buck he took in November.

Anthony Jent, a student at Letcher County Central High School, is pictured with a nice 9-point buck he took in November.

Happy New Year.

Struttin’ Time is back for the 2017 hunting season. We have several exciting hunts lined up for 2017, starting with a turkey hunt for Rio’s in Kansas, hunting with my friends at Little Creek Ranch — this is my 17th year to hunt with them. Then it is on to New Brunswick, Canada for a spring black bear.

In September, although we said that Maine was out of bounds, we will be returning because of the great deal from the outfitter. Next we will head to North Carolina to black bear hunt in October.

We will finish up the year with a moose hunt in Quebec, Canada. Have your passports ready, or you will need to stay inside the United States.

But first, some unfinished stories from last year. Everyone knows I love to tell about parents and kids that get out to hunt. Here is a dandy.

My little buddy Anthony Jent, the son of Tony and Lola Jent, who lives at Colson, is a junior at Letcher Central High School. He loves hunting, and stays in the mountains as much as he can. Letcher County is chock full of game to hunt, and I will never understand why our county officials have never promoted hunting and fishing in Letcher County. Your guess would be as good as mine.

Anyway, on November 21 Anthony was running late; deer wait for no sleeping man. Anthony knew that, and knew he needed to act fast if he was going to get to hunt.

After getting his dad up and started, he grabbed his trusty 308, a great firearm, and jumped into Big Red, the name given to the family truck. Up the mountain the three of them went, Tony, Anthony, and Big Red.

Anthony already knows to kill big bucks, you need to go where they are. And that is exactly where they headed. When they topped the hill there stood his dream buck, a nice nine-point. He took a careful aim, and rest, the big buck is in the freezer.

Tip of my hat to you Tony, Lola, and of course my buddy Anthony. I hope the kids at school read this, and will go hunting.

I want to welcome everyone back, to another crazy year of Struttin’ Time.

Before I close, I want to announce, some of the best news ever. I am tickled pink. Please share in my excitement. I will be hunting grizzly bear in Alaska in 2018, and you are welcome to come along.

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