Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

So it’s squirrel season. Who knew?

Did you know that squirrel season is in? Do you even care? Have you taken time to go into these beautiful mountains and get yourself a mess of squirrel?

Squirrel season came in on May 20 and goes out on June 16. I would guess very few hunters these days hunt during this time of year, although it was a big deal when I was growing up in McRoberts. We called it mulberry season then, and we hunted mostly with .22 single shot rifles.

Until the age of about 16 I don’t recall using any ammunition but .22 short, followed by the .22 hollow point long rifle. Those were the good old days when you could step from your back door, walk to the back of your field, sit down at the mulberry trees that grew there, and start getting squirrels for the next morning’s breakfast.

Nobody, it seems, could fix squirrel gravy like my grandmother. I still miss her country cooking, and I am 70-plus years old. Now the simple things like squirrel hunting, taking a young child into the woods, and teaching them to hunt seem to have fallen to the big game hunting.

I get or see pictures everyday of youth with deer, wild boar, and wild turkey, but very seldom do I see one with a squirrel or rabbit. In the days of my youth, we longed to be in the woods. We were drawn to them. Now I often wonder how many young people look forward to going hunting for squirrel on the next weekend. I see our way of life slowly but surely slipping away.

As for me, I never went squirrel hunting this spring as I have seen better days. But let me ask you: Is there any better way to spend a beautiful morning with your child than in the woods looking for “Mr. Bushy Tail”?

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