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No moose hunt leaves writer sad


When I was a young man, Volkswagen made a car that was the envy of the world; it was the Beetle. It was a small car that was a haveto have, and just about everyone had one at one time or the other.

In the early 1970s, Volkswagen ran an advertisement on television that had an elephant hitched to a Beetle to show the strength of the little motor (it was 50 horsepower). The elephant walked away pulling the little Beetle with the tires burning and the big elephant seemingly not even knowing it was tied to the Beetle. The elephant won.

A couple years later, the Beetle, with a new and improved motor, this time at 65 horsepower, was again on television and tied to the elephant. With the tires burning rubber and the little Beetle trying with everything it had, the elephant still walked away with the little car in tow. The announcer said in a deep voice, “Once again we challenged the mighty elephant, and once again we lost.”

Now Struttin’ Time readers are sitting and thinking, “Has Steve lost his mind? What does that story have to do with hunting?”

Well, I feel like the Beetle this morning. As you readers know, I had my hopes on getting a Maine moose tag. I spent my $55 like I have for the past 15 years to apply.

I’ve had the Maine Department of Fish and Wildlife chained to me since March, as I once again challenged them to draw my name for one of the most famous draw-hunts in the hunting world. Last night at six I waited next to my computer. I went to the letter “B” to see if my name had gotten drawn and once again they won.

Unless some of you readers start me a “Go Fund Me” page or just buy me a moose hunt outright — they run about $7,000 — I will leave this world having never hunted a moose. I am having a sad day.

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