Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

Why don’t we hunt all that’s here?

Squirrel season is now open. I am still not well enough to get into the woods yet, but I hope you went and took some young person with you.

Hunting season in the Commonwealth is starting to get into full swing, with squirrel season now, the unofficial start, and archery season soon to follow on September 2.

Let me stop here. My friend at Two Creek Ranch, Michelle Savage, around Athens, Ohio, has some archery dates still open. The dates are October 21 through the 26th. For a three-day hunt, the cost is $1,000, and the full five days is $1,500. The hunt is semi-guided, lodging, and a good supper. I have seen some of their trail cam pictures, and you are looking at some monster bucks. This is a fair chase hunt. Check them out on Facebook, for all the details, at Two Creeks Camp, or Bob and Michelle Savage, also on Facebook. Besides a good hunt, they are also fine people. Give them a look.

By the way, Athens, Ohio is about four hours from Whitesburg.

As most Struttin’ Time readers know, although I have killed many trophy bucks, I am not a really big time deer hunter. So let us go into my favorite hunting, turkey. The season also opens on September 2. Now forget about making those sweet “come-over-here-big-boy- I’m ready” calls, you made this spring. You are hunting a total different bird, although he looks the same. His actions have gone from looking for a hen, to just hanging with the guys.

Of course in the fall season, firearm included, you are allowed four turkeys. Some of those may be hens, but, please, let them walk. We can protect our turkey populations by doing so.

Also, if you are looking for a beautiful fan mount, this fall is not the time to expect that. They are or have been molting, and I have never taken a fall gobbler that had a fan that looked good.

Next week, you and I will go into how to hunt these beautiful birds in the fall.

I am sorry for not writing last week. I have been sick unto death, but I hope the letter that was sent to me by Ron Mullins made for good memories. Till next week.

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