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Struttin’ Time:

Exciting, but sleepless, nights

When my dad took me into the woods to squirrel hunt at the age of six, I could not sleep the night before the season opened. I still can’t.

I was thrilled to watch the night creatures go to bed, and the day creatures wake up. I still am…

I leave for North Carolina on the 15th of October to try and get my second black bear this year. I think I will put it away about the 18th.

As you Struttin’ Time readers know, you will be along for the trip. Hunting in the Blue Ridge Mountains, to me, is such a thrill. It is like, I am sure, when the settlers first came to that region. You look, there is just a mountain, no roads, and you want to get from point A to point B.

I want you to listen with me as the wind is always blowing, the air always fresh, and you have a closeness to God. You can hunt for miles, just like the settlers did, and never hear any noise, see another human, and get just as lost as you want to.

We are choking to death with trash and noise, and don’t even know it. Things are different in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I guess that is one of the things I love about hunting there.

I have hunted the Blue Ridge Mountains for years. I have never seen one thing with someone’s initial carved in it, unlike my loved Letcher County, where someone has already defaced the new lookout platforms on top of Pine Mountain. What a shame. I hope they catch the people who did it, and hang them from the highest tree, and that is really too good for them.

We will travel the 300 miles, and I hope pulling my ATV will not end up like last year while coming home. A blowout on a new tire, within 60 miles of home. I have replaced both tires, and hope for better results.

Black bear season opened on October 16. I need to close with this thought. Five years ago my hunting license cost $120 including my black bear stamp, now it is $415 with my black bear stamp. It is their black bear and deer, so I guess if you want to hunt, you need to play the band. What a shame..

I will keep you in the loop.

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