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Struttin’ Time:

Hunting plans were ‘siderailed’

Well, my plans almost got really siderailed.

I had to have surgery, and never knew if I would recover enough to hunt for my “bighorn ram” or not.

I could see a $2,000, once-in-alifetime tag flying out the window. But as my friends say, I am a tough old bird, and I leave as planned.

Of course, every Struttin’ Time reader knows that I never deer hunted this year, and have set my sights on bigger, other game. I have been told this hunt will take place at around 10,000 feet. That is high in my world.

I am closing in on the animals I have on my bucket list, and hope to finish it by 2019. I will leave for Texas on December 7 of this year to hunt Axis deer. If my bighorn ram hunt works out, that will leave an Axis deer, a moose, and a grizzly bear for me to finish out my lifelong quest.

It is not easy to get tags when you are a non-resident for these hunts. I have tried for 20 plus years to get a moose tag from Maine or Vermont. Still trying. I gave up trying to get my bighorn tag, and just finally went through an outfitter. I am too old to keep trying.

I will hunt Sonora, Mexico. It is 5,000 acres and high fenced. I know some people don’t like and won’t hunt high or low fence areas, but I feel this is my best chance of getting a bighorn ram, and my time is running out. I hope to be able to get it done in about five days, of hunting. Anything less will be better, anything more, well not so good.

Wish me luck. I hope to report next week with my ram in the freezer.

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