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Bad weather slows youth rabbit hunt

The snow is flying, it’s 16 degrees, and has been for what seems to be a lifetime. With the wind chill it is 6 degrees. In my book that is cold.

First, a report on the December 26 youth rabbit hunt. Needless to say, the gods didn’t smile on this event. First, the timing was terrible. It was held the day after Christmas, which couldn’t be helped, because of the day Christmas fell on this year.

Added to the fact that a super storm hit Letcher County and half the people were without electricity, and the roads were almost impassable, and the places where you rabbit hunt are on top of mountains, and you get the picture. But we know that outdoor events, no matter what the weather, must go on.

The event drew about 150 people, of which 55 were youth that hunted. The weather was so bad, this is the first year no rabbits were killed. But the event was still a huge success.

Think about it. The parents, grandparents, sponsors, club members, DFW, and everyone else that had a part got the kids away from computers, cell phones, boredom, and maybe in some cases abusive homes. Each child there received a cap, and a Leatherman, they were, along with everyone else, fed a good meal, and some won nice prizes. This is one good event that is held each year.

Following the Kids Days Committee lead, I will not try to thank each one personally as so many are involved that I would leave someone out and hurt feelings. Thanks to all who had even the smallest involvement.

I am planning a moose hunt, and will be keeping you informed as to the progress I make.

Be sure to stay tuned to next week. We will be talking about my friend Paul Miller and his black bear that turned into the hunter instead of the hunted.

Till then, hug a child, an old person, and tell someone you love them.

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