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Mostly clear

Struttin’ Time:

There’s still much to be grateful for

As we say goodbye for another year, let us give thanks for the good things that did happen, and try to forget the bad.

Good things include traveling many thousand miles to hunt, accident free, and spending hours upon end in mountains, that can just make a person disappear and does each year, but we came out safe.

We have our families and friends who worry about our journeys. Their minds are at peace now, knowing our hunts will soon be over after our December 8 trip to Texas hunting Axis deer. I may write about that trip when I get back instead of waiting till next year if I get an Axis.

You and I are thankful for the people who make Struttin’ Time possible. To do Struttin’ Time takes a village.

Some things we need to try and overcome are Kentucky Power, the Public Service Commission, Trump, Bevin, and indifference. We need to remember our own Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife is raising everyone’s license fee, and even going after the Senior/Disabled of this once great Commonwealth. I have bought my last hunting license in Kentucky.

So although we have had many setbacks this year, we still have much to be thankful for. This writer and your guide through this year is signing off.

Unless I get my Axis deer, see you in January.

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