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Struttin’ Time:

He appreciates tips from Gabby

As another new year for Struttin’ Time began last week, I could not help but notice that Gabby’s Fishing Fever, the “granddaddy” of us all, is still going strong. Thank you, Greg “Gabby” Caudill, for the many years you have provided us with information on how to catch fish. I have always found your tips to be helpful.

I received a message the other day from Cecil Adkins, owner of Voodoo Custom Calls in Letcher County, informing me that he had heard his first gobble of the year. It came on one of the days when the weather had warmed to around 60 degrees, but it was a reminder that gobblers gobble year round.

I have also gotten a couple questions concerning whether I had used any of Voodoo Custom Calls on my hunts, as the last Struttin’ Time never made it clear. I am sorry about not being clear, but the answer is no I have not but I hope to try a couple of them on my hunts this year.

We will open turkey season in Florida on March 17, hunting again with Ms. Kate on Watermelon Pond Plantation near Archer, Fla. We will not be hunting wild boar this year with God’s Country Outfitters in San Mateo, Fla. The age and miles on this old body have put a stop on running miles through the Florida swamps, chasing the dogs and killing cottonmouths along the way. I will leave that for the younger people, but it is a great hunt.

After coming home from Florida to regroup, we will head to North Platte, Neb., to hunt Merriam and Rio turkeys with Trevor Closman, who by the way is in Mexico hunting mule deer as I write this edition of Struttin’ Time.

Nebraska’s gun season for wild turkey starts April 14. We will then stop in Kansas on our way back to Kentucky to hunt on Little Creek Ranch with my friends Sandee and Billy Anderson. Their season starts April 18, on a Wednesday.

Because of the price increases, I have no plan to buy a license in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Until next week, start getting ready. Turkey season is on the way.

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