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Struttin’ Time:

Resignations should be required

As much as I would love to say every Struttin’ Time, is about happy things, it just isn’t so. Here we go again, trouble with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, and once again, it is right at the top.

Jimmy B. Bevins, Chairman and Commissioner from the 6th District, has been charged with obstructing legal hunting near his property in Franklin county. He spread whole corn on somebody else’s property to stop the duck hunters from hunting. When he put out the corn, that made it a baited area, and we all know you can’t hunt baited areas. Then his top-shelf friends came to his defense, and tried to stop the investigating officer from investigating.

Now Col. Rodney Coffey, who headed the law enforcement division, has resigned after the executive branch of the Ethics Commission filed charges.

Our Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife goes from one bad deal to another. What a shame, they can’t get it right.

The duck hunters have hunted on that part of Elkhorn Creek all their lives, then a man, who is supposed to be a hunter and a leader, tries to stop them.

Bevins, who was just re-appointed by our carpetbagger governor, Matt Bevin, just got caught. This investigation started last December, not in 2017, but 2016. Everybody who has tried to cover up what the commissioner did should have to answer, everybody.

Will they ever get an honest group to run our Fish and Wildlife Department? After the last few years, I doubt it.

Commissioner Bevins, resign and let us try and get it right the next time.

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