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Struttin’ Time:

Get ready now for opening day

With the snow flying and the cold wind blowing it is hard to think of turkey hunting, that is unless you are a Struttin’ Time reader.

Early February has given us the type of days that make us sure we are ready for the big day, April 14. That is the day you can first challenge the long beard. It is game of nerves and wits.

You have the advantage over the turkey if you will listen to me. Because my season will start in mid-March in Florida, I have even less time to tilt the odds in my favor. On cold days like these I always check my hunting clothes to make sure they still fit and to wash any that have been just lying since last season. That is project number one.

Today, I will check the calls I plan on taking out first thing, and then the ones I will put in the truck in case I need them in the evenings. I am a box call nut. Having never gotten the hang of a mouth call, the box call has become my main source for hunting.

I will look over every call to see if any part of it has broken during the off-season. If one has, I will use J.B. Weld to fix the break. I will then move on to my pot calls. I like to use slate but sometimes will use glass or crystal. They are my go-to calls in case my turkey is hung up with the “shut mouth.”

Remember, I never use off-theshelf calls. I find a good call maker and stick with them. My friend, Eugene Blackshire of Charleston, made my calls for years but gave it up, so I am going to try Voodoo Custom Calls of Whitesburg for the first time. Problem is the company just makes pot calls, which means I will also depend on my friend and longtime call maker, Tommy Helper of Rogersville, Tenn. I love the sound of his box calls, which have been in my arsenal for many years.

Tommy runs an ad in the National Wild Turkey Federation magazine. You can find Voodoo Custom Calls in Whitesburg through Facebook.

Be sure to sand your box calls, sand your pot calls, and remember keep your fingers off the surface of each. If not, the oil from your body will cause you heartache.

More will come next week to put you in the driver’s seat on opening day.

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