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Struttin’ Time:

Turkey hunting’s mental challenge

With the days flying by like white lines on the highway at 60 miles an hour, the day for turkey season to open gets closer.

Now is the time you need to ready yourself to give yourself every advantage to fill your tags. We talked last week about getting your hunting gear ready. Now I am going to try and get you mentally prepared for the rigors of turkey hunting.

Turkey season is a time when a true hunter loses himself in a world that only has getting a turkey in it. There are sleepless nights during this time when you go to bed, toss and turn, and look at the clock a dozen times as it is set for 3 a.m. You can’t eat or sleep. Your only thought is will the old long beard show up this morning? Can I call him in?

It starts raining and lightning, and thunder can be heard, all of which adds to an already sleepless night. Will the weather be good enough to hunt by daylight? You may ask, Steve, what do you do to calm yourself down, this time of year. The answer is simple: Nothing!

Once the thrill leaves, my hunting days are over. I live for those few days, starting in Florida in March, so that I will once again be thrilled when daylight breaks. I see the night creatures go to bed and the day creatures wake up. I once again am alive in the world that God meant for it to be — a hunter watching the sun rise and trying to out skill his food for the table.

Great Spirit of Harvest, lead me to my reward of the long beard gobbling and make my aim on target. The Rosebuds never fail to ask that prayer.

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