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Struttin’ Time:

Hunting license goes up after all

There’s no more wondering if Struttin’ Time is right, or has Steve lost his mind. The senior/disabled hunting license in Kentucky is now officially $12.

I have had several calls, texts, and messages on Facebook from my old retired friends, such as my lifelong friend Robert “Bob” Adams of the Letcher area. “Steve,” he asked, “what is the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife doing to us?” It saddened me to remind Bob that I wrote about this months ago in Struttin’ Time.

My friend, Don Bailey of Pottersfork, told me he has stopped fishing because he didn’t want to hire a lawyer to follow him around to advise him which size fish was legal.

Gary Harper said he would only hunt on his ranch, because he would not pay the increase. The last time I talked to my good friend, Raymond “Pap” Brown, he said he probably would not buy another license.

I could spend this whole Struttin’

Time giving names and telling you about the hunters and fishermen who are finished with our state. Had I not gotten mine when I did I would not have been hunting in our Commonwealth this year.

Thanks to my friend, Cecil Adkins, for telling me we could still get them at that time for the $5 price. I got mine, just as Maxwell Smart used to say, “By that close.”

I am not asking you not to buy your license, I just want to remind you they were free for seniors and the disabled until we let the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife talk us into letting them charge us $5. I guess we may be lucky; they wanted to raise it to $47.50.

We are the ones who pay the salaries, put them in new trucks, and let them sit at the lake and act like they are working. Come to think of it, sitting at the lake may not be a bad idea, especially in the summer.

What a shame they did this to seniors and the disabled, but in the world we live in today it is the nature of the beast.

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