Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

Counting down the days …

It is hard for me to believe that in 12 days I am out of here and headed to Florida to hunt on the Watermelon Pond Plantation with one of my favorite outfitters, Ms. Kate. She is what we remember in our minds when we think of the old-time plantation owners.

The land was left to her by her father. She has never married and has lived her life in peace on her now 3,000 acres. Watermelon Pond at one time was twice that size, but there is an old saying with old people like her father, “We are land rich, and money poor.”

Although she has all these buildings, including a fine “Southern mansion” with the white pillars and all those rooms, the actual bank account was not what it should have been. In the years I have hunted there, I have seen many changes. The ponds for the biggest part have dried up because of drought. The big house is no longer standing; it was sad to see it go. The plantation is now half its original size, but is still a fine place to hunt.

For you hunters trying to get your “grand slam,” you must hunt Florida. There are some places to hunt that are as good as Watermelon Pond, but none any better. Ms. Kate will make you feel welcome, and in the 15 or so years I have hunted there I have always tagged out.

I have taken several friends of mine to hunt there when they needed a Osceola for their slams. None has left without one. I am excited to see my friends again in Florida. I know the years and miles will soon be too much to handle, as Ms. Kate is now well into her 80’s and I am also well into my years.

There is nothing left in Florida that I need to hunt for. I have killed everything I want from Florida except maybe a ‘gator, and I have even hunted them.

Think outside the box and get your “grand slam” by starting it at Ms. Kate’s. You will be glad you did. Tell her I sent you.

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