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Struttin’ Time:

The cost of hunting gets higher

Never have I seen such an onslaught on people in general, but sportsmen in particular.

As you already know, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife raised our cost to hunt and fish by raising the price on our license. I received notice of my boat registration renewal in the mail yesterday, which is going up $20.

Let me now get this straight with each and every Struttin’ Time reader: I have never been against a tax that benefits people. I like Social Security, which I paid into for 35 years and now reap the benefits. I like school tax, which goes to educate our children and pay our school staff. I like the gasoline tax; it builds and maintains our roads. You get the picture.

I understand government can’t operate on proceeds from bake sales, but for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife to raise its prices at the same time the agency is so disorganized is beyond my line of thought. I guess we should be thankful the department never got the $47.40 it wanted to begin with.

In “old England”, hunting was the sport of kings with only the very wealthy allowed to hunt or fish. I foresee us soon adopting that way here in the United States.

There is a “catch-22” going on here. The more the cost of hunting or fishing goes up the fewer hunters buy a license. The fewer licenses states sell means the states must charge more and place the burden on fewer people.

I don’t have an answer on how to get these prices under control, but I do know this: Most of us hunters are old or getting older. What happens when we either quit hunting or fishing altogether and the licenses we bought or the boat we tagged are no longer needed or wanted?

Meanwhile, I apologize for there being no Struttin’ Time in last week’s edition. I was away turkey hunting in the swamps of Florida.

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