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Struttin’ Time:

Has season taken a bad turn?

So far this has been as bad a year for turkey hunting as it has been good.

The good news is I have taken three turkeys this season, one in Florida, two in Nebraska. The bad news takes longer, so here goes. First, I did too much guiding in Florida and not enough hunting for myself, thus the reason for the one turkey instead of two. Although I was pleased to watch the people I guided get their “Grand Slams,” nothing can ever feel the void of getting a turkey of your own.

Then it was on to Nebraska where we endured a blizzard and a temperature of three degrees. The opening day of season, April 14, was a complete washout. We went as planned on April 15. It was bitter cold, with 36-mile-anhour winds. I stuck it out in the blind and got myself a Rio, then a Merriam. The rest of my crew either missed or never got a shot. It is hard to travel with two other hunters when they don’t get a turkey.

Thank goodness Kansas was only 160 miles away. The Kansas season opened April 18. We all hunted hard, and in places where I always killed a turkey, but neither I or anyone in my crew saw a turkey until Saturday morning. We left Kansas in defeat.

I arrived home in Kentucky on Sunday morning, April 22, with my yard looking like hell and my friends coming in that same evening. Out of my truck, onto my lawnmower, and finished just before they came in. Up on Monday morning at 4 a.m., my friends from Maine were excited, but that never lasted long. Before we got out of my driveway, the rains came.

All day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we hunted in pouring rain, and at one point thought about building an ark. Thursday the 26th was our only good day, but by then my Maine friends had all they could take of Kentucky and went back north two days short of their planned hunt.

I guess it has to be in the eye of the beholder. I will let you decide if this has been a good turkey season.

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