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Struttin’ Time:

Should he be granted a ‘do over’?

If you have known me for any amount, you know it is hard for me to admit defeat. Although this has been a tough wild turkey season — and it is now closed in the Commonwealth — without me killing anything except time, I am going to turn back the calendar to April and head back to Kansas.

The season stays in there until the last day of May. I still have my license there, I have the desire, and I can’t forget. I can’t forget that I started off in Florida in mid-March with a nice turkey and looked like I was off and running. In Nebraska, we ran face to face with a blizzard and snow drifts up to four feet.

The opening day kept all of us in the lodge, but on the second day I killed a nice Rio and a Merriam within an hour of each other in 13-degree weather. As I wrote in Struttin’ Time, I thought I was headed for another “Grand Slam.”

Then it was on to Kansas, where I had never hunted more than three days without tagging out. This time I hunted a whole week and never saw anything. Remember, I had already gotten a Rio in Nebraska, so my “Slam” was still in play. I had scouted hard in Kentucky and saw a turkey every trip, but when I finally got to go I ended up with nothing.

So if you will, let me rewind the clock and start over in Kansas and then finish another slam in Kentucky, either during archery season or this next fall.

In closing, my health is leaving me fast, but I will keep hunting and writing Struttin’ Time as long as I am able. As you read this I will be at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington finding out when I must face another surgery — my second since November.

We have had a good journey together, and I would not miss it for the world. I will give you a report next week.

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